Dedicated exclusively to designing and manufacturing high quality Medical Air and Vacuum Systems for the healthcare industry.

EMSE Corporation specializes in Medical Air and Vacuum systems for use in healthcare facilities.

Since 1984, EMSE Corporation has engineered and manufactured medical air and vacuum systems for a worldwide clientele that includes:


  • Hospitals
  • Dental offices
  • Oral surgery centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Animal hospitals
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • General laboratories


  • Dedicated to Quality

    Our company has succeeded as a result of our dedication to product quality, product expertise, responsiveness and attentive technical support.

  • Comprehensive Products and Solutions

    EMSE is unique because it offers the most comprehensive range of products and solutions that satisfy a wide range of applications and particular needs.

  • International Network

    We offer our equipment and provide our service through a wide network of national and international representatives and distributors.

The EMSE Design Guide

In 2004, EMSE developed the first and only interactive Design Guide in the industry. Now we are proud to introduce the next generation of the EMSE Design Guide: Version 2.0. It calculates total demand, recommends multiple system designs, calculates intake, exhaust, riser, branch and zone piping sizes--all optimized based on user input. Start designing your system by clicking below:

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EMSE Control Systems

EMSE control systems, which are compliant with the latest NFPA 99 codes, feature PLC controls and optional touch screen HMI.

Other options include the EMSE “Communicator” that features a vivid color touch screen HMI and ethernet connectivity with embedded web page.

EMSE Parts

Part Collage

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