Furnish and
install, where shown on the drawings a duplex stack mounted prefabricated
medical compressed air system model____________ as manufactured by
Corporation, Fairfield, NJ (1-800-935-EMSE)

The unit furnished shall be a standard
catalog item of the supplier regularly engaged in the business of providing
packaged systems for hospitals and laboratories and shall meet and exceed the
requirements of NFPA 99.

The package shall include two oil-less air
compressors and associated equipment, one ASME tank and one duplex control
The system footprint shall not exceed
70″ x 70″.
The only field connections required will be system
intake, exhaust and power connection at the control panel. All components shall
be completely pre-piped and pre-wired to single-point service connections. All
interconnecting piping and wiring shall be completed and operationally tested
prior to shipment. Provide liquid tight conduit, fittings and junction boxes for
all control and power wiring.


After testing the system will be separated into 34″ modules for ease of

The medical air compressors shall be of the
totally oil-less reciprocating air-cooled design. The air compressors feature a
cast iron crankcase, Teflon-composite compression and rider rings, lubricated
and totally sealed bearings, stainless steel reed valves, non-asbestos gaskets.

Each compressor shall be belt driven by a
____ HP, 3 phase, 60 cycle, ______ volt, 1750 RPM, ODP NEMA construction motor. 
Slide bases for convenient belt tension adjustment and totally enclosed
OSHA approved belt guards shall be provided.

Each air compressor shall have a capacity of 
________ SCFM at 100 PSIG.

The system shall include individual
compressor inline intake filters, discharge check valves of bronze construction,
safety relief valves, bronze intake and discharge flexible connectors, solenoid
unloaders, isolation valves, air cooled aftercoolers for each compressor, high
discharge temperature shut down switches on each cylinder, pressure control
switches, as well as copper tubing with shut-off cock for gauge and switches.
The system shall include a ______ gallon pressure storage tank of ASME
construction rated for 200 PSI MWP service. The
tank shall be equipped with a pressure gauge, safety relief valve, 3 way
by-pass, gauge glass and automatic electronic tank drain with manual override.
The inside of the tank shall be coated for rust protection with a two component
coating which provides a hard, durable lining. Provide
vibration mounting per NFPA 99.

The system shall include a UL listed control
panel in a NEMA 12 enclosure with the following accessories for each

Externally operable circuit breaker with
door interlock, control circuit transformer with fused primary and secondary
coils, H-O-A switch, magnetic starter with 3 leg overload protection, hour meter
and motor running light. Provide the panel with a multiple position selector
switch for selection of normal operation (automatic alternation) or manual
selection of lead and lag pumps if one of the pumps is taken out of service due
to scheduled maintenance. Provide audible and visual local alarm (complete with
indicating lights and individual sets of auxiliary contacts wired to the
terminal strip for remote alarm indication) for the following: compressor
temperature malfunction and reserve compressor in use. Provide manual reset for
thermal malfunction shut-down. All control and alarm functions shall remain
energized while any compressor in the system remains electrically on-line. The
lag compressor shall be able to start automatically if the lead compressor fails
to operate.

The compressed air system shall be
guaranteed in writing by the manufacturer for a period of 12 months from the
date of start-up or 18 months from the date of shipment (whichever comes first)
against defects in design, materials, or construction.

The service of a factory trained
representative shall be made available at the jobsite to check installation,
start-up and instruct operating personnel in the proper operation and